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Flashlamp lift-off with PulseForge tools... your questions answered!

Jun 10, 2020 1:22:05 PM / by Vikram Turkani posted in Lift-Off

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PulseForge Lift-Off: A Flashlamp Lift-Off Process

  • What is PulseForge® Lift-Off (PFLO)? How is it used in industry?

PulseForge Lift-Off (PFLO) is a flashlamp based lift-off process developed by NovaCentrix to address the industrial need to rapidly and economically release polymeric films  from rigid glass carriers. Developed as a laser lift-off (LLO) alternative, some of the advantages of PFLO include: (1) Enabling higher throughput by large-area illumination of the substrates as opposed to highly localized illumination in LLO process. (2) Light absorber on glass carrier increases process reliability and yield by ensuring no direct illumination of the polymeric film and the device stack. (3) Resiliency to pinholes and particle defects on the polymeric film coating as the film does not see any illumination.

Some industries that use PFLO are flexible display manufacturing, flexible sensors and batteries manufacturing, thin silicon wafer debonding in multi-layered 3D chip packages, and in other light-weight electronics packaging applications.

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